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Terms and Conditions



A. Rental Conditions:

1. Driver’s License:

Renter must possess and carry a valid driver’s license, which must have been held at least 2 years. Student permit is not allowed.

Foreign driver must have a driver’s license written in English to drive in the Turks and Caicos Island or an International Driving Permit (IDP).  A Foreign driver’s license is valid for a maximum of 90 days from the date of arrival in the Turks and Caicos Island. If foreign driver has no International Driving Permit (IDO) or his driver license is not written in English, foreign driver needs to get official translation at consulate/embassy.

2. Identification Cards:

– Passport (Mandatory for Foreigner)
– Two (2) Government Issued I.D. (For Locals, in absence of Passport)

– Driver’s License (Mandatory)

3. Mode of Payments:

- Cash Payment (Only Accepted to Pay Rental Cost)
– Credit Card: VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted

B. Basic Rental Terms and Condition

1. Tax:
All prices are inclusive of Govt. Tax.

2. Age:
The minimum age is 25 and maximum age is 70 for all vehicle class.

3. Additional Driver:
Additional Driver is available at $10.00 per day, including any applicable taxes. Up to one (1) Additional Drivers are allowed per Rental. Unauthorized drivers are prohibited from driving the rental car. Protection Packages shall not cover any Unauthorized Driver/s. The additional driver must be present at time of pickup and must fulfil the same age and licensed criteria as the principal driver.

4. Security Deposit:
A flat deposit amount of 100% of the booked amount must be settled when you pick up the vehicle, for Premium Vehicles, the Security Deposit required is $500.00. Any applicable additional charges will be deducted from the security deposit. Any remainder shall be returned. Any charges over and above the security deposit shall be settled directly to the renting station at the end of the rental.

5. Fuel Policy:
Fuel Policy is full tank to full tank. Any tanks that are not full at the time of rental end shall be calculated accordingly with a $10 per Gallon fee. In any case that incorrect fuel is loaded in the tank (i.e., diesel to gas tank; or gas to diesel tank), you will be responsible for all the expenses incurred for draining the tank and repair of any damages to the vehicle or costs to restore it to the condition in which it was released.

6. Credit Card Policy:
VISA, DEBIT, and MASTERCARD are accepted. For all ‘pre-pay online’ bookings, the person in whose name the vehicle is booked MUST be the person whose credit/debit card is used. This card must be presented on arrival. If you made your booking with a debit card, you would need to present the debit card and one or more credit cards when picking-up the vehicle. At the time of rental there must be sufficient credit on your card to cover all charges including the excess/deductible amount. If you fail to present a valid credit card, there is a lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card or the credit card is not in the lead driver’s name, we may refuse to release the vehicle. You are required to leave a security deposit via credit card. The deposit will be returned after the rental, if all conditions have been met.

7. Remote Locations trip
No Remote Locations Trip is allowed & the vehicle is not allowed to be driven outside the regular roads and streets of Providenciales. It is not allowed to travel to areas where roads are not passable for cars or vans, especially flooded and rocky areas; and to remote locations as Pirate’s cove. In the event you violated this condition, it may invalidate any insurance coverage and you shall pay for a penalty amounting to $500.00 and the vehicle is subject for repossession.

8. Grace Period:
You are allowed of a 2-hour period of grace provided that the vehicle is returned within hours of operation, exceeding this will pay an extra day charge directly at the local rate. If vehicle is returned after 2 hours, there will be a charge for another rental day.

9. Early Returns:
We do not issue refunds for unused days or for charges paid directly on arrival in the event of the vehicle returning earlier than booked.

10. Return Location:
You agree to return the vehicle at our authorized and pre-approved locations only. In the event that you return the vehicle at somewhere other than the authorized and pre-approved locations, you will pay a penalty amounting to $200.00

11. Cleaning Fee: No Smoking policy is strictly implemented inside the car.
If the returned vehicle is deemed by EDJ Car Rental to be in need of deep cleaning due to excess spoilage, pet hairs, smoke odor, smoke residue, etc. a minimum cleaning fee of $250.00 will be charged to you. If necessary, cleaning incurs downtime or extraordinary measure, additional fees will be charged to you.

12. Loss Keys and Locking:

You are liable for any charges directly related to lock out of the rental car or loss of its key(s). The actual amount for key(s) replacement will be charged to you plus the administration fee. For locking out of the rental, you will pay a calculated amount depending on the location of the vehicle (Rescue Fee). The fee for key(s) replacement is $400.00.

13. Extra Equipment & Safety Tools:
You are responsible to pay the replacement cost in case of loss or damage to extra equipment such as GPS, Child Seats, Wi-Fi Device, etc. and safety tools such as fire extinguisher, umbrella, EWD, etc. In case of Dead Battery due to negligence, you will pay a calculated amount depending on the location of the vehicle (Rescue Fee) usually amounting to $150.00

14. Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation fees (for prepaid rates only)- More than 48 hours’ notice will be free of charge. Less than 48 hours will be up to 50% of the booked amount (or the whole price of rental if value is lower)

15. No Show and Waiting Policy:
No Show fees (for prepaid and pay-on-arrival rates)- $300.00, charged in case of “No Show” (or the whole price of rental if value is lower)

Pre-paid or Partial Pre-paid: EDJ Car Rental will hold customer vehicle until the station closes, at no extra charge.

Post-paid: EDJ Car rental guarantee to hold customer vehicle for one (1) hour only after the due pick-up time

Renter will also be considered a “NO SHOW” under the following:
– Renter does not arrive at the appointed date and time (late)
– Renter does not have a complete document required for renting a car (no passport, invalid driver’s license)
– Renter is not eligible to rent a car (too young, etc.)
– Renter does not have enough cash or credit to cover the rental payment and security deposit

16. Car Category:
Reservations and confirmation are for car category only, never for a specific make or model. EDJ Car rental maintain fleets with different makes and models of similar size and configuration. EDJ Car Rental reserves the right to provide similar or higher category cars to the customer than originally booked and paid for.

17. Traffic Fines:
Speeding, parking, and other endorsements/fines are responsibility of the customer in full. We accept no responsibility for any fine or payment. You are obliged to inform us of any fines or parking tickets issued while the vehicle is being rented. In case we receive a fine that was not settled when issued, the total cost of the fine, plus an administration fee will be charged to the main driver’s credit card.

18. Upgrades:
If on arrival you feel that the car you have booked is not suitable for your requirements, we will be happy to provide a larger vehicle if available. Upgrade charges are payable on arrival at the local daily rate.